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A job like no other

Working in Fuerteventura is an unique experience. Although the best period for our job is the Summer season, Fuerteventura is like a touristic season that never ends.

We serve clients all year round, not just in the summer season. This is why working at PhotoHotel Fuerteventura is not only a seasonal job, but a permanent lifestyle.

Some of our colleagues decided that they don’t want just to work in Fuerteventura, but live there the whole year, enjoy a lifestyle, and grow a family. How about you?


Part of the Team in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is in the Canary Islands and measures 210 kilometres from one end to the other. It is outstanding for its magnificent white sand beaches and for the bright sun that shines all year round.

It is an essential destination for windsurfing and scuba diving lovers. Here you will find unforgettable spots. There are more than 150 beaches in the north and south of the island, spread over 340 kilometres of coastline. Meanwhile, on the east coast you will find cliffs and small, hidden coves.

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Benefits at PhotoHotel Fuerteventura

Meals & accomodation

Focus on getting better, not worrying about accommodation, cooking or buying meals.

Medical Insurance

Work as a foregin, enjoy life as a local, including the same rights, benefits & medical insurances.

Free Training - Photography & Sales

No prior experience required. Start from zero and become the official photographer of a 4 or 5 star hotel.

Plane Reimbursment

Transportation reimbursement is offered together with the first salary.

Spanish & Romanian Team

Enjoy a fun and international team, just from PhotoHotel, not counting the international or local staff from the hotel.

Always Open

Fuerteventura is open for tourism all years long. You can work all years round, not just in Summer if you choose.

Earnings based on merits

Enjoy a compensation plan based on your results. The better you are the more money you make.

Open for families

Moving to Fuerteventura & working with your family, wife, or husband is a viable option.

What to do in Fuerteventura?

Enjoy a Sahara-like experience in Corralejo Natural Park

Corralejo Natural Park is one of the main attractions in Fuerteventura. Here you can find impressive dunes and kilometers of long beaches with white sand. Take a walk around the dunes and enjoy a unique desert-like experience! For a fantastic off-road adventure, explore the dunes on a buggy tour.
Be adventurous and try surfing in Corralejo!
There is no better place for surfing than Corralejo, located northeast of the island. This is a year-round surf destination. It offers beginner, intermediate and advanced beaches that wait to be explored. Make the most of your in Fuerteventura and ride the waves! Here you can also feel the thrill of other fantastic water sports, such as scuba, snorkeling, windsurfing, and jet skiing.
Get on top of the Calderon Hondo volcano
The opportunity to hike on the Calderon Hondo volcano cannot be missed. It takes only 40 minutes to reach the top. Once you get to the top, you can admire the most breathtaking views around the crater. Visit Calderon Hondo before sunset and see one of nature’s most impressive paintings!
Explore the most beautiful beaches in the world!
Fuerteventura hosts the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can enjoy the curving dunes and impressive palm trees at El Matorral Beach. Playa de Cofete is the best choice if you love long beach walks. For a unique experience, visit Popcorn Beach, with its ash-colored sand! Once you reach Alzada Beach, you will discover an untouched paradise.


Photography & Sales Job in PhotoHotel Fuerteventura

Start Job: February & March 2023

Looking for new colleagues, to join our team in Fuerteventura for the season of 2023.

[CLOSED] Photography & Sales Job in PhotoHotel Fuerteventura

Start Job: February & March 2023

Looking for new colleagues to join our team in Fuerteventura for the season 2023